Fall 121st Catalogue Exhibition
Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology
Sep 1 - Sep 26 2017

Membership Information

EXHIBITING MEMBERSHIP:  a special designation awarded to artists who have been juried into the Buffalo Society of Artist based on the quality of their work. Annual dues are $40.00.

Exhibiting Member Benefits:

  • Enter and compete in professionally juried exhibitions sponsored by the organization
  • Receive BSA honors and awards
  • Receive invitations to all BSA exhibition opening receptions
  • Have their work represented on their own profile page on the BSA website
  • Be eligible to serve as an elected member of the Board of Directors and hold office
  • Receive the BSA newsletters and e-mails
  • Receive discounts, when applicable, to BSA sponsored events

To become an Exhibiting Member: The Annual Jurying for Exhibiting Members is scheduled for October 14, 2017. NOTE: Information regarding the process of becoming an Exhibiting Member (including application) is available here.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  available to all artists wishing to associate with the BSA and support the organization's mission and goals. Annual dues are $25.00.

Associate Member Benefits:

  • Receive the BSA newsletters and e-mails
  • Receive Invitations to all BSA exhibition opening receptions
  • Receive discounts, when applicable, to BSA sponsored events
  • Have access to the Member area of the BSA website
  • Submit artwork for the Open Members Exhibition and other non-juried exhibitions

Associate members may join anytime

Please pay via PayPal here:

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Become a Supporting Member of the BSA!

Join the Buffalo Society of Artists

Supporting Membership:  open to artists or non-artists who wish to support the Buffalo Society of Artists because of an interest in promoting and preserving the fine arts, as well as those who would encourage ideas that enrich the mind and spirit of the community in which we live.

As a Supporting Member you will receive the following:

  • The BSA newsletters and emails
  • Invitations to all BSA exhibitions

Catalogues from exhibitions and public recognitions for your contributions.

  • Pearl:         $40
  • Ruby:         $60
  • Sapphire:    $75
  • Emerald:     $100
  • Diamond:    $200

You can pay online with your credit card (via PayPal).  Select your supporting level, and enter your home phone and cell numbers ("none" if no phone or cell) in the boxes below.  Then press the "Pay Now" button.

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Membership Chair

                    Marie Hassett